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Dear Friends of Given Goods,
It is with heavy hearts and enormous gratitude that today, we inform you that we are closing our doors. The last two and a half years have been a remarkable journey made possible only by you, our community, and our partner brands. We are incredibly thankful for the overwhelming outpouring of support from our community that we received every step of the way. Our partners and their missions are inspiring and of the utmost importance, our customers are forward thinking, passionate and loyal, and our investors and advisors will never know just how much we appreciate the opportunity they gave us.
We set out to offer the very best products, from the strongest brands making impact, built by the most genuine teams. We set out to tell you their stories with the intention of providing a unified voice in the pioneering phase of this ever important consumer movement. Without your belief in our shared vision and love for their beautifully crafted products, there would never have been Given Goods and for that, we thank you.
Thank you for being a part of our family. While our marketplace is going away, we are not and we would love to stay in touch and help you with any questions you may have. You can contact our customer service support at hungryhippo@givengoods.co and you can reach the members of our team at their respective emails below. We have always loved hearing from you and now is no different!
We hope and ask that you continue to support the amazing work of our partners as they continue to push this movement forward. As you all know, this is just the beginning.
Thank you. We appreciate you.
With love,
Cammy, Devon, Jenny & Riley
Come join us at The Station SF to launch our exclusive pop-up shop, Inherently!
Inherently is a pop-up shop presented by Given Goods Company showcasing beautiful products for you and your home that represent our definitive quality: authentic social impact. The products are inherently unique, and so too is the experience.

Inherently is Now Open!


We are so pleased to announce the opening of our pop-up Shop, Inherently!

At Given Goods, we are defined by beautiful products for you and your home that make an authentic social impact. Inherently showcases our hand-selected products, each with its own incredible story, complemented by a heavy dose of San Francisco. We have partnered with The Station to join in and support their mission to be a joyful and thriving community gathering place.

As we bring the inherent qualities of Given Goods to life in the most intentional of ways, it is our hope that it gives you pause in your day, to define and appreciate all that is inherently you.

Open 7 days a week at The Station SF for a limited time! 


Protect your tech. Rugged iPad cases on stoneandcloth.com. #carryaneducation

One of our favorites! http://goo.gl/cTfOO9

The Story of ayzh

We’ve partnered with ayzh (pronounced eyes) this Mother’s Day to give back to new moms around the world. With each purchase made on Given Goods through May 11th, we will donate one clean birth kit to a new mom to fight persistent but preventable delivery room infections. 


1 purchase / 2 lives changed

A bustling country, India has a diverse economy ranging from modern agriculture and traditional farming to handicrafts and technology services. The varied culture and rich heritage of the 1.2 billion inhabitants is evident in the lush beauty of the colors, smells, tastes and sounds experienced throughout the streets. As the Indian Minister of State for Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor says, “India has been born and reborn scores of times, and it will be reborn again. India is forever, and India is forever being made.”


SPOTLIGHT: Amazing Animated Double Expsoures by Daniel Barreto

22-year-old Daniel Barreto has added a nice twist to the already popular concept of animated GIFs. In his series, titled Animated Double Exposures, the Boston-based artist blends two distinct images into one playful motion.

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Celebrate the mom in your life with Given Goods and ayzh! For each item purchased on Given Goods through May 11th, a birth kit will be donated to a woman in an impoverished community. These birth kits are not only integral to expecting mothers, but they save lives and keep families together.
Happy Earth Day! Our top Earth Day picks preserve the rainforest, clean up oceans and waterways and make use of deadstock and recycled materials. Mother Earth knows best! 
1. Bar Soap Set by Hand in Hand. For each bar sold, Hand and Hand preserves 50 square feet of rainforest. They also provide communities with clean water and are currently working in Haiti on their Clean Water Programs. 
2. Wine Bottle Glasses by Usful Glassworks. Made from recycled wine bottles, Usful Glassworks has saved more than 60,000 glass bottles from sitting in landfills, turning them into glasses, carafes and more. 
3. Natural History Fountain Pen by Tree Ring Pens. The casing of this gorgeous pen was extracted from small diameter trees harvested as part of forest restoration projects in the Lolo National Forest in Montana. 
4. BirdProject Soap Lovebirds Edition by Matter Inc. 50% of profits from these pretty birdies go to environmental cleanup and care for affected animals of the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster. To date, Matter has given more than $21,000 to these ongoing efforts. 
5. Lavish Lucite Chain Necklace by Hearts. Handmade using recycled brass and lucite, this staple necklace is created using no new materials. 
6. T-Rex Ballerina Notecard Set by Little Alexander. These beautifully illustrated notecards are printed on recycled paper in a small batches in Lewis, Iowa. All Little Alexander items are packaged in recycled and recyclable materials, too! 
7. Mt. Drew Duffel Bag by United by Blue. For each duffle purchased, one pound of trash is removed for oceans and waterways. United by Blue hosts cleanups around the country and has removed more than 171,000 pounds of trash in the last four years. 
Connected in Hope is non-profit organization that partners with the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association in Ethiopia to develop markets for more than 70 women. In addition to knitting accessories, Connected in Hope supports women and their families in their heath, education and finance needs. 
We partnered with CIH to create the Travel Wrap, the perfect spring scarf. Large enough to be used as a shawl, this lightweight piece is a favorite. 
Learn more about Connected in Hope and their incredible work on Given Goods. 

5 Stories We’ve Been Passing Around This Week

(Collected by Cammy)


1. This beautiful visualization of global shipping shows us a different view of the world map when everything is overlaid. The interconnection of our world via nothing internet-related. 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay

Instead of Returning Your Textbooks…



In this site-specific work titled, “The Island of Dr. Mastrovito,” multimedia used text books to create a surreal jungle of plants and animals exploding out of the corner of a bright room. The title references H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau where a mad scientist gives animals human traits—here Mastrovito, herself acts as the scientist, “trying to instill a new life into that which was once alive in a different way (books from paper, paper from wood, and wood from trees).”

Introducing Rose & Fitzgerald


California natives Courtney Rose Poole and her husband Laren Fitzgerald Poole moved to Kampala, Uganda in the fall of 2012. Courtney found inspiration in her new community from the talented artisans who had lived and worked there for generations. From woodworkers to weavers, the men and women Courtney met were both passionate and talented.

April Fools! Celebrating Our 5 Favorite Pranks

April Fools is one of our favorite informal holidays. Since the medieval days, people have been playing pranks on one another on April 1st. 

Today, we celebrate some of our favorites:

1. Netflix Suggestions…


Netflix did us a solid by showcasing programs based on crossing arms, reality TV stars with “no concept of reality”and more.