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Connected in Hope is non-profit organization that partners with the Former Women Fuel Wood Carriers Association in Ethiopia to develop markets for more than 70 women. In addition to knitting accessories, Connected in Hope supports women and their families in their heath, education and finance needs. 
We partnered with CIH to create the Travel Wrap, the perfect spring scarf. Large enough to be used as a shawl, this lightweight piece is a favorite. 
Learn more about Connected in Hope and their incredible work on Given Goods. 

5 Stories We’ve Been Passing Around This Week

(Collected by Cammy)


1. This beautiful visualization of global shipping shows us a different view of the world map when everything is overlaid. The interconnection of our world via nothing internet-related. 

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." - Alan Kay

Instead of Returning Your Textbooks…



In this site-specific work titled, “The Island of Dr. Mastrovito,” multimedia used text books to create a surreal jungle of plants and animals exploding out of the corner of a bright room. The title references H.G. Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau where a mad scientist gives animals human traits—here Mastrovito, herself acts as the scientist, “trying to instill a new life into that which was once alive in a different way (books from paper, paper from wood, and wood from trees).”

Introducing Rose & Fitzgerald


California natives Courtney Rose Poole and her husband Laren Fitzgerald Poole moved to Kampala, Uganda in the fall of 2012. Courtney found inspiration in her new community from the talented artisans who had lived and worked there for generations. From woodworkers to weavers, the men and women Courtney met were both passionate and talented.

April Fools! Celebrating Our 5 Favorite Pranks

April Fools is one of our favorite informal holidays. Since the medieval days, people have been playing pranks on one another on April 1st. 

Today, we celebrate some of our favorites:

1. Netflix Suggestions…


Netflix did us a solid by showcasing programs based on crossing arms, reality TV stars with “no concept of reality”and more. 

We had to repost this because it was just too awesome. Ilana at Mommy Shorts is trying to get #BABYSUITING to happen—and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

How to Save $400 Million: By 14-Year Old Student

Suvir Mirchandani is a 14-year old middle school student from Pittsburgh, PA. Like many 6th graders, Suvir noticed that he was receiving a lot more hand outs than he did in elementary school—but rather than continue to add to the growing stack of papers in his binders and folders, Suvir wanted to find a way to cut back. 



Habitual rainy day behavior.

5 Stories We’ve Been Passing Around This Week

(Collected by Cammy)


1. Yes, this building looks like a very white overgrown bush and we totally want to live here. Featuring up to three (!) balconies per apartment, the idea behind the building is to bring urban settings closer to nature. Everything is designed to run on local renewable energy and seamlessly engage with the environment around the building. 

Now that it’s getting warm, it’s time to dress up the outdoor table!

Teenage Cancer Trust: Shane Meadows & Mark Herbert →

This week marks the 14th year of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity concert series at the Royal Albert Hall.Throughout the week there will be performances from Ed Sheeran, Lianne La Havas and Mikky Ekko as well as comedy from Micky Flanagan, John Bishop and Jason Manford. The concerts provide an essential fundraising and awareness platform for the charity.

Sud it up the all-natural way with shea butter, aloe and jojoba oil. Energizing, stimulating and invigorating, this body wash will leave you so fresh and so clean.

While March Madness is grabbing all the headlines, this heartfelt story illuminates what really matters…

How to Win with Social Impact in 5 Steps

Guest post by Cammy Houser

I was recently asked what advice I would give to someone starting a non-profit. Starting any kind of company is an enormous challenge no matter how the company operates, non or for-profit. In answering this, I thought about the things I am seeing in a lot of the companies we are working with in the impact space. Here are a few things I mentioned and some best in class examples.


1.Clearly define how you’ll give back. What happens to every dollar? Why does someone want to give to your organization and what are they becoming a part of when they do that? Work this into the elevator pitch: explain what you do exactly with a tangible understanding of it in a concise, quick way. 

A couple of organizations doing this really well are LSTN with their one-for-one promise of giving hearing to a child in need with every purchase and Ayzh, maker of (very clearly stated) $2 birth kits that include all the necessary tools for sterility and sanitation during childbirth in countries with high infant and mother mortality rates.