Colloquially known as “velllies,” Veldskoen (pronounced Vel-skoon) boots are the most popular in Nambia. Just about everyone wears them, and they are absolutely beautiful in their simplicity and durability. They are made from the hide of kudu, a large antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa. The government mandates the thinning of kudu herds to prevent crop destruction, and men and women have been able to thrive by handcrafting items from their soft hide.

Herbert Schier was a boy when his family of German immigrants founded the first tannery in Nambia in 1938. While the tannery is no longer in operation, the leather workshop remains and it is there that eight gentlemen handcraft these beautiful shoes, which have since collaborated with Opening Ceremony and received wide acclaim for their craftsmanship, style and functionality.

Uniquely for you, with love from Nambia.